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This Fund Thinks Southeast Asia Looks Ripe For Investment, And Here’s Why

Throughout the interview , David Yong, our CEO of Evergreen Group Holdings, which manages the Evergreen Fund, explained how recent and current geopolitics event have impacted the opportunity set in the Asia-Pacific region. He shared about his opinions and idea on how to seize the opportunity when it comes to finance investment during this hard times. Although there a wide ray of microfinancing investment opportunities in Asia Pacific Region; however, you must also need a wise finance analyst that could help you to grow your revenue steadily. Other than that, he also stated a few important points about the potential in financing in Asia’s underbanked regions.

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Established since the 1990s, we have expanded our presence from Singapore to Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia till date.

Evergreen Group Holdings originally was in the key business of Timber Processing and Trading, which has a long standing track record of over 3 decades. As we progress with time, Evergreen Group Holdings has grown and evolved from a timber company to a multi national enterprise which has successfully acquired and developed a multi-diversified range of businesses to add on to our ever-growing portfolio which comprises of Financial Institutions, Automotives, Real Estate and Lifestyle industries.

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