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Evergreen Foundation: Evergreen Community Outreach

Evergreen Foundation: Evergreen Community Outreach was formed with our firm believe in giving back to society. We believe in changing people’s lives.

We welcome our clients to join us for the next community outreach event!

Evergreen Community Outreach – Gardening Activity at Straits Biopharma Foundation’s Nanyang Herb Garden:
Being hosted by Straits Biopharma Foundation, we are their first corporate guest to receive first-hand knowledge and hands-on gardening experience at the Nanyang Herb Garden. This special place was transformed from a building site and carpark area into into a healing garden with plants, trees, shrubs and flowers that have medicinal properties.
It is also a source of horticultural healthcare where the Garden Dispensaries provide freshly harvested herbs free-of-charge to needy patients seeking natural remedies to help alleviate their financial burdens.
Our Evergreen volunteers witnessed first-hand how their efforts in plucking, cutting and harvesting fresh herbs were able to be given to patients with chronic diseases. Some brought their families and partners along, a special way to bond together during the pandemic by giving back to those in need.
Pictures and feedback from participants speak volumes, and here’s a photo-record of the rewarding day on Friday, 26th November, and including an educational pre-event webinar on 19th November.

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Learning from our food packing at Jamiyah Food Bank, we wanted to do a bit more and get out there to give.
Hence the idea of getting our own donations to purchase items, pack them and give to residents in the community. We picked a Saturday morning – 21st August 2021 (also the special date for this year’s National Day Parade).
With this plan, we approached the Owen Residents’ Committee, and was readily supported by both Ms Jessica Lum (Chairperson) and Ms Clara Tan (Volunteer). So on that cool Saturday morning, the EAM crew assembled at the pavilion entrance of Blk 47 Owen Road and, in our respective 2-by-2 teams went from door-to-door to give Care Packs to the residents.
We want to do more, and would like to invite our clients and friends to join us in the next community outreach activity.

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Evergreen Community Outreach – Food packing at Jamiyah Foodbank
On a Monday afternoon (19th July, and thankfully before the recent heightened phase), the Food Bank Manager, Mr Mohd Shariff organised 12 of us into 3 four-member teams handling rice packing, groceries items collection, and packing /checking-out stations.
In all, we packed two pallet loads of food rations that
are then stored for future collection or distribution to beneficiaries.
Jamiyah FoodBank collects, sorts, stores and distributes donated food to poor and needy families. In collaborating with Rotary E-Club 3310 Community Services, we got ourselves involved in the “packing process” of the distribution chain.

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A throwback to 28th May 2020 's Music Event hosted by Evergreen Assets Management and Red Spade, featuring our Director, Mr David Yong and BDD, Mr Desmond Sim as they share about the journey through the tough period of COVID-19.
Where Music Unites #3: Featuring May (KOR), Woody (KOR), Ian Fang 方伟傑 (SG)
#wheremusicunites #heroeswearmasks #strongertogether #staysafe #stayhome #SGunited

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On 6th May 2020- This week the senior management of Evergreen Assets undertook an Evergreen Challenge!! All proceeds will be donated to (iftar meals for migrant workers) For every dollar donated during this challenge, Evergreen foundation will be donating 10x the amount #sgunited

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24th Apr 2020 – Sunbeam Place @Children Society
Giving lunch to the kids at Sunbeam Place, making the world a better place!

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