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26 June 2024


Evergreen and UBBIB Sign Strategic Partnership, Paving the Way for a Multimillion-Dollar Transformative Merger

Evergreen Group Holdings and UBB Investment Bank Limited (UBBIB) have initiated a groundbreaking collaboration by ratifying a strategic partnership agreement on Friday, June 21, 2024. This pivotal move marks the first step in an acquisition process where Evergreen Group will acquire a stake in UBBIB, setting the stage for an expanded presence in Malaysia’s financial sector.

Desmond Sim, COO of Evergreen Group Holdings, emphasised the significance of the event, stating, “Today is a landmark moment for Evergreen Group. Our strategic partnership with UBBIB is a major stride towards our vision of becoming a leading investment bank. We are eager to leverage the opportunities this alliance brings, particularly in digital banking and fund management.”

“The Malaysian market is rich with untapped potential, and we are excited to bring our expertise to contribute to the growth of UBBIB and the broader Malaysian economy,” added Sim.

Echoing this sentiment, Encik Razlan Raghazli, CEO of UBBIB, remarked, “This partnership is a milestone in UBBIB’s history. A collaboration between two giants with a similar vision of being a leading Investment Bank in the ASEAN region. By integrating our strengths with Evergreen’s extensive experience, we aim to enhance cross-border investment banking activities and drive innovation and growth throughout the Southeast Asia region.”

Aida Othman, CEO of UBB Amanah Berhad, expressed her enthusiasm, “Welcoming Evergreen into our fold is a significant advancement. Combining our core principles with Evergreen’s expertise will fortify our vision of establishing ourselves as a premier offshore banking hub.”

The signing ceremony underscored the mutual benefits and growth opportunities of this partnership, focusing on enhancing operational capabilities and expanding market presence for both entities. The collaboration is a testament to the shared vision and cooperative spirit of Evergreen Group and UBBIB.

“Evergreen Group’s expertise and experience across Asia will create added synergy and open new horizons for UBBIB,” noted David Yong, CEO of Evergreen Group Holdings.

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19 June 2024


Evergreen Group Announces Strategic Partnership With UbbIB Amid Acquisition Process

Evergreen Group will sign a Strategic Partnership Agreement with UBB Investment Bank Limited (UbbIB), a prominent licensed investment bank headquartered in Malaysia on June 21, 2024.

This strategic partnership signifies Evergreen Group’s intent to enhance its presence and operations in Malaysia. As part of the agreement, Evergreen Group is in the final stages of processes to acquire a stake in UbbIB from UBB Amanah Berhad. This partnership sets the stage for future collaboration, knowledge sharing, and potential merger and acquisition activities.

“Our vision of entering Malaysia is to become a thought leader in the financial sector. By entering this strategic partnership, we are poised to unlock a wider spectrum of opportunities and fortify our presence as a leading investment bank,” said David Yong, CEO of Evergreen Group Holding.

The collaboration includes initiatives in digital banking and fund management to support Evergreen Group’s financing business across Asia. This partnership aims to provide greater flexibility and opportunities for Evergreen Group’s clients and significantly expand its footprint in the Malaysian market. It is expected to benefit the local community and economy through financing projects with government agencies and the private sector.

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16 June 2024


Evergreen Group obtains financing license to expand in Malaysia.

With the license, the company can fund affordable housing for civil servants.

Evergreen Group Holdings (EGH Capital Malaysia Sdn Bhd) secured a Money Lending License from KPKT, which is under the Ministry of the Malaysian government.

With the KPKT license, EGH Capital can support financing projects enhancing affordable housing, particularly for civil servants.

“Our goal is to provide innovative financing solutions that meet the needs of our partners and contribute to the economic growth of the region. With the KPKT license, we are now poised to offer a broader range of financial services for critical housing projects and government procurement contracts,” said David Yong, CEO of Evergreen Group Holdings.

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29 March 2024


Evergreen GH Pte Ltd is supporting two major financial empowerment initiatives: the Financial Inclusion Hackathon (FInHack) and the Financial Literacy, Inclusion and Technology (FinLIT) Symposium, under the Financial Literacy (FinLIT) Program at the Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics (SKBI) at Singapore Management University (SMU). These initiatives, which aim to address national challenges, are part of a collaborative effort involving the MoneySense program co-led by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Ministry of Manpower, alongside other public and private agencies.

The FInHack encourages participants from all Autonomous Universities and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) in Singapore to develop innovative solutions to financial challenges facing Singaporeans. Evergreen GH Pte Ltd, led by CEO David Yong, is committed to fostering financial resilience in Singapore through this collaboration, which includes workshops, mentorship, and presentations on creative solutions employing gamification, AI, machine learning, and analytics.

SKBI, directed by Prof Zhang Hong, and SMU FinLIT, directed by Asst Prof Aurobindo Ghosh, appreciate Evergreen GH’s support in inspiring financial leadership and empowering individuals towards financial independence, especially among young adults and less financially included groups. The initiatives are part of Evergreen GH’s broader mission as a multinational enterprise, which has evolved from a timber processing and trading business to encompass financial institutions, automotive, real estate, and lifestyle industries across Asia.

SKBI is recognized as a leading Asian institute for applied financial economics research and training, focusing on Market Innovations and FinTech, Sustainability and Green Finance, and Household Finance and Behaviour. It aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice through its research and outreach activities, keeping a close eye on Asian and global economic trends to remain relevant to finance practitioners and policymakers. Read more here.

7 November 2023


The financial entity known for its Fund Management and Financial Institution Licenses in various Asian regions has for the first time opened its corporate office in Pisteuo’s UpTown Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

HWG is currently leading an amazing journey of growth and transformation, with a clear goal of becoming the top-notch provider of wealth management services. This partnership of the pioneer business will surely shed light on the future of the clients, making their lives more fulfilling.

Evergreen Group Holdings: A leading financial entity with a vision for positive impact

David Yong, Evergreen Group Holdings CEO who is also a Well-known Singaporean K-pop artiste said: “We are committed to long-term commitment and positive impact.”

He added that Evergreen Group Holdings aims to transform the financial industry landscape through strategic partnerships, comprehensive financial advisory, and socially responsible initiatives.

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6 November 2023

Singaporean CEO-singer David Yong invests $10.2m in Fifty Fifty’s K-pop agency Attrakt

03 Sep 2023

SEOUL – Singapore-based Evergreen Group Holdings announced on Thursday that it will invest around 10 billion won (S$10.2 million) in K-pop entertainment agency Attrakt to help foster the agency’s vision in the K-pop industry.

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Issue 61 - David Yong Front Cover Feature

30 April 2023

David Yong is a multinational entrepreneur, venture capitalist and lawyer that has invested in various successful lifestyle and financial businesses across Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia , Vietnam and Korea. He is the managing partner in YSL Legal LLP, a boutique law firm specialising in both civil and corporate matters.

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Naver Sports

11 January 2023

프로골퍼 장하나, 싱가포르 에버그린 금융그룹과 후원 계약
(Professional golfer Jang Ha-na signs sponsorship deal with Singapore Evergreen Financial Group)

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23 December 2022

This Asset Manager Sees Opportunities In Real Estate And Business M&A

Investment managers favor healthcare the most but are most bearish on real estate right now. However, one asset manager disagrees with this consensus. David Yong, CEO of the Singapore-based asset management firm Evergreen Group Holdings, sees the greatest opportunities in real estate and businesses.

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7 November 2022

This Fund Thinks Southeast Asia Looks Ripe For Investment, And here’s why

In a recent interview, David Yong, CEO of Evergreen Group Holdings, which manages the Evergreen Fund, explained how recent and current events have impacted the opportunity set in the Asia-Pacific region. He noted that emerging markets strongly outperformed developed markets before the COVID-19 pandemic and recent geopolitical tensions.

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Major entertainment company, Rainbowbridge World (RBW), signs global agency contract with Evergreen Group Holdings CEO, David Yong

25 August 2022

The deal will allow RBW to manage Yong’s artiste career in Korea SINGAPORE,

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Top 10 Investors And Investment Companies To Follow In 2022

22 December 2021

By the end of 2021, US International Business Times have listed Evergreen Group Holdings as top 10 investment companies to follow for the year of 2022.

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Evergreen CEO seeks to bridge K-pop and Southeast Asia

20 October 2021

By Dong Sun-hwa At first glance, David Yong, 34, CEO of the Singapore-based Evergreen Assets Management, may seem irrelevant

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Yahoo Finance

28 August 2021

Evergreen Group invest in 1908BC Hong Kong.

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Rich pickings! ‘Huge opportunities’ for UK firms in Asia post-Brexit, says timber tycoon

05 June 2021

BREXIT has created “huge opportunities” for British firms in Asia, according to a leading businessman. Fishing: UK set for

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How Evergreen is keeping up with the changing profile of the Indochinese economies

17 November 2021

Evergreen Assets Management company started out in the timber processing and trading business but over the years they have diversified themselves and now include corporate financing, real estate and automobile business in their portfolio. David Yong, CEO, Evergreen Assets Management shares his experience as a second-generation business owner and what plans he has for Evergreen

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22 October 2021

How One Entrepreneur Found Success in Emerging Markets

David Yong is an accredited Singaporean attorney and entrepreneur that serves as the CEO of Evergreen Assets Management, a holding company in the Southeast Asian region. He began his entrepreneurial journey as a child at his father’s side, watching him build the family timber business in Myanmar. That experience and his journey taught him some valuable lessons about what it takes to succeed in emerging markets.

Here’s a look at David’s journey that could benefit entrepreneurs.

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17 September 2020​

Singapore timber trading scion sets sights on financing business in Indochina

Second-generation leader David Yong aims to transform Evergreen Assets Management into a broad-based enterprise with financing in Indochina and Singapore as core business. Read more here.

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Finews Asia

28 August 2020

Evergreen Assets Management is launching a fund to raise S$100 million ($73.27 million) to build on its decades-long track record of doing business in Indochina

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The Cambodia Daily

27 August 2020

Firm wants to expand financing and automotive businesses in Indochina and Singapore

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Taiwan News

26 August 2020

Singapore- Owned Enterprise Evergreen Assets Management to raise S$100 million to expand financing business in Indochina

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This Fund Thinks Southeast Asia Looks Ripe For Investment, And Here’s Why

Throughout the interview , David Yong, our CEO of Evergreen Group Holdings, which manages the Evergreen Fund, explained how recent and current geopolitics event have impacted the opportunity set in the Asia-Pacific region. He shared about his opinions and idea on how to seize the opportunity when it comes to finance investment during this hard times. Although there a wide ray of microfinancing investment opportunities in Asia Pacific Region; however, you must also need a wise finance analyst that could help you to grow your revenue steadily. Other than that, he also stated a few important points about the potential in financing in Asia’s underbanked regions.

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Singapore-Owned Enterprise Evergreen Assets Management to Raise S$100 Million to Expand Financing Business in Indochina

26 August 2020

Singapore–(Newsfile Corp. – August 26, 2020) – Evergreen Assets Management (“Evergreen AM”) has engaged Passion Venture Capital Pte Ltd, a fund manager licenced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, to successfully set up a new fund to rise up to S$100 million.

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How timber scion David Yong grew the family business by grafting new ideas

6 April 2020

“The sofas were dirty,” recalls David Yong, now 33 and chief executive officer of Evergreen Group Management, who used to tag along with his father Yong Ing Fatt, 70, on business trips. “Because the infrastructure was so backwards, a five-minute phone call easily cost US$500.”

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Entrepreneur streak started early for timber scion

23 Dec 2015

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The Straits Times

17 Nov 2018

Flashy ride is his style

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David Yong PIN

David Yong being featured on PIN.

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Cream Of The Crop

Jack of many trades he may be, but timber heir DAVID YONG is a master in the making. He shares with melainne chiew his plans to reinvent the traditional trade.

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