BREXIT has created “huge opportunities” for British firms in Asia, according to a leading businessman.

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Timber tycoon David Yong is a self-made millionaire who owns more than 15 businesses employing 600 people in countries including Singapore, Cambodia, South Korea, and Myanmar. The 34-year-old, whose companies raked in £42.5million in 2020, says the region provides “rich pickings” and “huge opportunities” for British firms keen to trade.

He told “Brexit has been seen as a great opportunity for many entrepreneurs and firms alike in Asia.

“Our economies are growing at a phenomenal rate and there is so much opportunity here to be seized upon.

“Lots of Brexiteers get that and want to use the huge opportunities and freedoms that the country now has to strike new agreements.

“Deals are there for the taking and Britain could ride on the back of the economic boom that Asia will experience in the coming years.

“All the UK has to do is seize the opportunities that it is currently being presented with.”

Mr Yong is the chief executive officer of Evergreen Assets Management which was founded in 1990 and originally specialised in Burmese teak.

He took over the reins from his father in 2014 and has since diversified into a range of businesses and has invested in companies in countries including Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea.

As well as selling Burmese timber, he has branched out into markets including Fintech and the incredibly popular K-pop music genre.

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