Desmond Sim, COO, Evergreen Group Holdings

Desmond Sim

Desmond Sim– COO, Evergreen Group Holdings

Desmond Sim is an entrepreneur, investor and motivational speaker.

Being an entrepreneur that found success at the tender age of 26 when he made his first million. He did so by investing in various businesses and asset class investments such as properties and commodities.

Getting to Know the COO

Desmond Sim has been given multitude recognition for his time spent in this field. His achievements include being awarded top investment portfolio manager for 3 consecutive years. On top of that, he is also featured in Jan 2023/Dec 2022 Men Folio issue, Nov 2022 Forbes U.S article,  the 2017 and 2020 edition of Asian Entrepreneur Magazine and Prestige 品 Magazine respectively.

He is a sought after motivational speaker and trainer, having given multiple talks on “ How to make your first million before 30”. He has also been the guest speaker at the 2013 Career Fair Suntec City Convention where he shared his life with hundreds of fresh graduates. His experience includes holding a Vice-Presidential Role for a regional property development group, assisting with their IPO and assets management.

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